Tuesday, February 9, 2016

28 Day Transformation

This is 4 weeks. 4 weeks of real food, 30-45 minute workouts, superfood shakes, plenty of cheat meals and bourbon, and the motivation and support of my amazing wellness community. This is the first time I’ve made progress without starving myself, throwing up on purpose, or eliminating entire food groups. This time I did it by slowly changing my habits and gradually improving my mindset. This time I did it the right way and it feels SO GOOD. I’ve never been happier. 

To be honest I’m nervous sharing these pictures (I took them 4 days ago and am just now feeling ready). I used to think you had to wait to share progress pics until you were done with your fitness journey and had this dramatic transformation. Now I realize that the journey I’m on is AWESOME and I’m going to share every step of it.

Plus, if I can help one person who looks at them and then gets in touch, then it’s worth it. Which I’ll remind myself as I’m sitting here sweating after I click post.

So get in touch! I’m always looking to pay it forward and help others start their health, fitness and mindset journey. Message, comment or email me (leahnopants@gmail.com)

Also don’t mind my face in the second one. Tony had just said something ridiculous.

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