Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why I became a fitness and nutrition coach

In case you’re wondering why I became a Beachbody Coach, me, with my body image issues, my disordered eating crash diet history, and my lovehandles:

It’s not because I am an expert nutritionist, doctor, or personal trainer. It’s not because I have the perfect body, and it’s not because I want the perfect body. In fact, at my strongest and my thinnest, I still found fault with myself. It’s bigger than my body composition.

I do this because we have so much working against us…

→ unrealistic standards
→ companies trying to capitalize on our insecurities by selling us quick fixes
→ media designed to shame us no matter what our size
→ unhealthy options everywhere we turn

…and the only way to fight all that negativity is as a team. The only way to make a difference on a large scale is to work together.

I do this because want my future children to grow up knowing that food is not the enemy, exercise is not a punishment, and fitting rooms are not places where we cry surrounded on all sides by mirrors. That mindset starts with me.

I do this because I deserve to feel happy and comfortable in my own skin, and so do they, and so do you.

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