Saturday, December 5, 2015

This one goes out to my team

This one goes out to my team. Usually, this is the time of year when as the days get shorter, I get depressed. I am NOT a winter person.
Today, I was feeling that almost-winter malaise, but then I went on Facebook, clicked on my health and fitness accountability group, and 20 minutes later I was doing single-leg squat jumps while my cat judged me from a corner.
You all inspire me so much! You are all wonderful and I appreciate your honesty, your work ethic, your creativity, and your enthusiasm, especially today when I really needed it.
Some of you I've never met, and some of you I've known for years, but we are connected in our common goal of getting stronger, healthier, and happier. You are the team I haven't had since high school and college that I've missed so much as an adult.

PS: In case you're wondering what team--> I'm running an ongoing Healthy and Fit Through the Holidays Accountability group online! If you are interested, or want more info, shoot me an email at I run these accountability groups regularly so if you're stumbling upon this page at some later point in time, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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