Sunday, November 22, 2015

How I'm avoiding the unhealthy spiral of the holiday season!

No one needs to be on a diet during the holiday season. Whether you want to lose 0 pounds or 200 pounds, you don’t need to count calories, cut out entire food groups, or miss out on social events with your friends and family. You can even LOSE weight, if that’s what you want.

What you DO need is a plan, because without a plan, the unhealthy spiral begins.

For me, it starts with Thanksgiving.

  • The dinner stretches late into the night because I go back for seconds (okay fine thirds).
  • I have leftovers for breakfast on Friday.
  • Everyone is in town for the holiday, so we inevitably go out Friday night (and/or Saturday) and then I drink too much bourbon and inhale a box of Cheez-its at midnight (which I bought from Tedeschi because I don’t keep Cheez-its in the house).

The spiral continues from there through New Years...through New Years...
  • I’m hungover, because I forget that I can't drink like I'm 22 anymore, so I order pizza and swear to eat healthy tomorrow.
  • I wake up late, don’t pack a lunch, require 3 cups of coffee to function and then end up being up half the night.
  • My friends throw a “Holiday Party” between Thanksgiving and Christmas so we can celebrate when people are in town. Cut to an entire table full of desserts. I eat 8 brownies.
  • I get takeout, because why at this point what’s one more day.
  • I feel sluggish so I don’t exercise. This compounds my sluggishness.
  • My mood suffers due to lack of exercise.
  • I binge-watch a show on Netflix and order Thai food. I do NOT select the delicious AND healthy items on the menu.

The spiral continues.

  • The parties continue.
  • I avoid the gym because the thought of putting on spandex is horrifying.
  • I regret not buying some phony weight loss supplement from Amazon Prime on Black Friday.
  • I start googling workout plans despite my frustration with the people who mob my gym after New Year’s (I can’t stand them even when I am one of them!). 

Considering how I usually feel by the time December 31st rolls around, is it any wonder that I hate New Year’s Eve?


This year I have a plan, and it involves eating healthy 80% of the time and splurging 20% of the time. It involves guilt-free treats most of the time, but sometimes full fat sugar-laden pie, because you can eat that occasionally when you HAVE a PLAN and you don't slide into the spiral I described above.

This year I have a plan, and it involves feeling good instead of depressed and lethargic as it gets cold outside. 

This year I plan to build muscle, lose fat, improve my flexibility and balance, and cook and eat great food. 

This year I say no to the spiral. 

Join me for a Game of Thrones-themed nutrition and fitness accountability group starting on November 30th!

We’ll focus on:

-Clean eating and portion control
-Half an hour of daily exercise
-Making a plan so we can enjoy the holidays to the fullest and get back on track the next day
-Game of Thrones-themed workout challenges, recipes and challenges!

Email me at OR go to my website to sign up for a challenge pack!

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